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When I woke up today morning, I was thinking a subject to write. After a while, my mother came and asked me to go to the market and buy some fish. I thought ok!!, it's been so long I had visited the market. let's see the changes happened in the market over these days. My mother told me there is a pink colored plastic carry bag in the storeroom, take it when you leave. I moved to the store room, took the pink bag and moved. Because tomorrow is Christmas, the street seems empty. normally 11:00 AM will be one of the busiest time in a day here because it's the time market get's open.

On the way to market, I found various people whom I have met long back, a couple of middle-aged people, some aunties, children's, etc.I faced some cliche questions to a 23-year-old jobless boy, like, have you completed your course?, what is your future plan?, why not government job etc..etc.. somehow I managed to answer those questions. finally, I reached the market. even though the street seems empty, the market was completely filled. the market is situated in Kerala- Tamil Nadu border. so there is a check post and a police constable. The police constable looked me in such a way he looks like a suspect. I wondered, what happened, why he looks so? Then I noticed he is looking below my waist. I was wearing shorts (wearing shorts seems ugly in my area). once there was a policeman abused a college boy for wearing shorts. " The village people sometimes seems horrible".

At last, I bought some fish for 60 Rs. and walked towards my home. Sorry!! Nothing special happened in the market.

On the way to home, I have to pass a small junction. when I reached there, two guys came on a bike, they overtake an SUV and started abusing the driver of the SUV. I was wondering!! what is happening here?. the guys came in bike simply using bad words which I haven't heard of!!. the driver of the SUV parked the car in the middle of the road and he started arguing, but he hasn't used any bad words.

Source: Google

This moment I thought about the concept of " logic bubble" by the great author Edward de Bono

it is like this "when someone does something you do not like or with which you do not agree, it is easy to label that person as stupid, ignorant or malevolent. But that person may be acting logically within his or her 'logic bubble'. That bubble is made up of the perceptions, values, needs and experience of that person".

Here my point is when I heard the bike guys abusing the SUV driver, in my mind, they have positioned a negative image, at the same time the calm SUV driver have a positive image. I was again thinking about the culture of two parties. even though both belongs to the same society, they way they behave is entirely different.

At first, I felt a negative feeling towards the bikers, but after thinking a while when "logical bubble" came into the picture I realized, there is nothing called right or wrong. it's all depends on the person who is involved in an issue. his decision sometimes may feel wrong to us, but if we remember the theory of "logic bubble", we conclude that everything is right.

Thank you.


  1. What I felt is that The logic Bubble is a crap .It's like a man rape a woman and say's that He acted in this logic .

    1. haha..!! As mentioned in my post it's simply how we perceive things..!! here two parties should have a logic behind their actions.if their is no logic or a concrete reason, the concept won't work.

      Thank you

    2. I didn't get your logic, can you get it more details of your answer for his question?

    3. Hi, Thejus. I hope it's your name. I always believe nothing called right or wrong, it depends on the person who is involved. but the most important point is whether it is right or wrong, the actions or decisions should not be against the law of the country. Here rape is a crime. I don't think a crime can be connected with logic bubble.

  2. Nicely written.people who know you will understand this,else will just bluff of..May this new year bring joy and happiness for you..

    1. Thanks bro!! Happy Christmas and a cool 2017!! enjoy!!

  3. Hey Gokul,
    As far as I see into it...the term "logic bubble" is new to me.
    Although the term; as you describe seems satisfying to me upto a certain limit! YES, there's nothing like right or wrong comparative to perception! It's totally and I admit that it's each individual's perception that matters!
    Still....Logic Bubble is not applicable in every scenario(what I believe), for instance...if a women is being raped brutally by a RAPIST?
    As for the Rapist , he is right(in the light of his mind perceptive) ;but as for a wise human being, I strongly belive that's definetely not a YES!
    It's a massive NO!!!!!!
    Maybe For the RAPIST , he is not aware of anyhing like YES or NO, it's his evil mind( where no Logic or Logic bubble pops in).

    Just said what I felt!:)
    Great work with the blog!... keep going!

    Cheers 2017!!

  4. Hi Gokul well written if u met a prblm how u handle at that momentpositively or negatively that is ur logic..but sm cases ur emotions will handle the moment it may causes more serious issues..
    All the best.....


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