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Hi friends,                                           

My name is Gokul Nadh V. S. I am 23 years old post graduate in finance from Asian School of Business, Technocity, Trivandrum.  I was planning to start writing a blog, but procrastination was part of my life. now I removed that word from my life and replaced it with " do it now". Thus results in the formation of this blog.

Here I would like to post my perceptions, my decisions, my values etc. it doesn't mean I am right or you are wrong, I just want to know your thoughts and how you look into the problems which I face, can it be viewed more differently, is it possible to present things far better etc.

The reason why I have started the blog is to talk with people of my nature. this is because after reading a couple of books, the perception towards life is getting changed day by day. gradually I came to know that I belong to the 1% people on earth who views everything differently. I realized I  do not belong to the 99% people who believe in "world's greatest lie" ( The Alchemist). ie, " at a certain point of lives, we lose control of what's happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate". 

Nowadays when I talk to my friends and relatives I can feel the change within me, the power of positive thinking have started doing miracles in me. I have read that positive thinking helps u live more than 10 years as compared to normal people. now I can feel how different I am. Reading is the one and only thing that helped me to think in such a way. reading itself cannot make changes in you. it's simply how you apply things which you come across in various books.

A professor of mine used to tell " it doesn't mean whatever written in a book is right or wrong, but it simply teaches you to think differently or make you think from a different perspective". A friend of mine once told me " it's quite difficult to start reading as a hobby but not impossible if you don't start reading at this age you are going to regret after 30 years".

These are the two people who inspired me to start reading. so far I have completed reading 10 Books. each book gave me a different perspective. now I realize, changes will happen only through reading. reading is an art, applying what we read in life leads to destiny.

After reading 10 books, I myself developed two quotes. I would like to share with you.

" Success follows only when you have the courage to follow your dreams"

" Success= patience + Perseverance "

Thank you.


  1. I'm watching myself in you. I would like to be your friend if really mean what you read above as to the people with similar to your kind.

    And I'm curious to know which are those 10 books and suggest me the most you enjoyed reading.

    If had your goodreads and quora account leave the links for your profile. I'll follow you.

  2. Sry my English was so volatile. I'll cut some words thinking that I already typed it. *I would like to be your friend if you really mean what you had written above about connecting people of your kind.

  3. hi, Thejas. first of all thanks for your feedback. following are the list of books.
    1. The monk who sold his Ferrari- Robin Sharma
    2. Who will die when you cry- Robin Sharma
    3. Life is what you make it- Preeti Shenoy
    4. The Alchemist -Paulo coelho
    5. The shiva Trilogy - Amish Tripathi

    1. Among the above I need to read monk who sold his Ferrari and last book of Shiva trilogy, tell me how are they just make it simple by ratings.

    2. Actually, I don't have an exact word to describe what I felt after reading The monk who sold his Ferrari. such an awesome book. regarding The oath of the Vayuputras, I felt like 'okk'. that's it.

    3. And what are other 3 books you read?

    4. Power of your subconscious mind- joseph Murphy
      The power of positive thinking- Norman Vincent peal
      The Truth about winning your career- Karen Otazo


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