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Hi, When I woke up today morning, I was thinking a subject to write. After a while, my mother came and asked me to go to the market and buy some fish. I thought ok!!, it's been so long I had visited the market. let's see the changes happened in the market over these days. My mother told me there is a pink colored plastic carry bag in the storeroom, take it when you leave. I moved to the store room, took the pink bag and moved. Because tomorrow is Christmas, the street seems empty. normally 11:00 AM will be one of the busiest time in a day here because it's the time market get's open.

On the way to market, I found various people whom I have met long back, a couple of middle-aged people, some aunties, children's, etc.I faced some cliche questions to a 23-year-old jobless boy, like, have you completed your course?, what is your future plan?, why not government job etc..etc.. somehow I managed to answer those questions. finally, I reached the market. even though the stre…


Hi friends,                                           

My name is Gokul Nadh V. S. I am 23 years old post graduate in finance from Asian School of Business, Technocity, Trivandrum.  I was planning to start writing a blog, but procrastination was part of my life. now I removed that word from my life and replaced it with " do it now". Thus results in the formation of this blog.
Here I would like to post my perceptions, my decisions, my values etc. it doesn't mean I am right or you are wrong, I just want to know your thoughts and how you look into the problems which I face, can it be viewed more differently, is it possible to present things far better etc.
The reason why I have started the blog is to talk with people of my nature. this is because after reading a couple of books, the perception towards life is getting changed day by day. gradually I came to know that I belong to the 1% people on earth who views everything differently. I realized I  do not belong to the 99% peop…