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"All who succeed in life get off to a bad start and pass through many heartbreaking struggles before they arrive" -NAPOLEON HILL

On the outskirts of North Kerala, their lives a Multi-Millionaire who created everything he wanted from nothing. He was born to a landlord along with 8 brothers and the eldest.
He was so studious, passionate to be rich, optimistic and a go getter. He is a man who finds different techniques or methods for achieving his goals rather than finding excuses or reasons for not achieving it.
He grew up in a period when poverty was inevitable in the village, a period when 3 times food considered as a luxury. They used to get new clothes only once in a year, ie, during ONAM (Festival of Kerala).
The alcoholic landlord sold out all their wealth and end up in a debt. As the elder son, naturally, the whole responsibility was put down to the shoulders of a 16-year-old boy. The young boy considered it as his duty and an opportunity to bring back all those the fa…
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I am sure each of us had gone through or are going through a tough phase in our life. 99% of people think it's our fate, but the rest 1% people believe and consider the toughness as an opportunity to learn and take a decision to MOVE, they accept"I am traveling in tough route, I am feeling cramped, YES!! I am out of comfort zone". They don't give up, they don't complain, But they take a firm decision to MOVE. These people are later labeled as the most successful people in HISTORY of mankind.
 Thomas A. Edison  Henry Ford  Charles Dickens  O. Henry  Hellen Keller Marshall Field and the list continues to Steve Jobs, Jack Ma, J.K Rowling
Today I am going to share what happened to one of my friends with whom I had an hour and a half telephonic conversation after 5 years. Now, he is no more a person I know, he is no more the person who used be in our school days. Literally, he is now no more a person whom everybody knew 5 years ago.A complete transformation!! A complete tran…


Yesterday on my way from Cochin, I experienced something really interesting. Had a wonderful talk with a strange lady. 1.A lady around 35 years of age was carrying a child. She was not only carrying a child but also a long chain of key chains, pens, and drawing books for kids, some stationeries for sale. Normally we use to see people like her on trains and buses. But she was really a different lady. She came nearby me and asked “Sir, I have some good collection of key chains, pens, comb, kerchief. Please have a look”.  Actually, I don’t want anything, but the child in her hand attracted me with a cute smile. So for that, I decided to buy two key chains so that she could buy something for her child.
Time passed by many men and women passed selling different items, some beggars also passed by.
2.After some time I had noticed another lady carrying a child. But she was only carrying the child, not like the other lady. Actually, she was begging using the child. Within a while, she reached nea…



I still remember, when I was doing my Post graduate program I used to ask questions, mostly doubts. One day In my statistics class where I seldom listen, I asked a question to my professor. 
He replied “Gokul!, If you ask questions, please ask sensible questions”  everyone laughed at me. I felt ashamed. But I haven’t stopped asking questions, but the reply always remains the same :P.
After someday I realized, the reason why my friends won’t ask questions is nothing but fear. Afraid of the professor’s reply ;). While teachers take classes, some of my friends sitting near me would ask some questions, though I am a person who seldom concentrates on classes, I ask them to ask the teacher itself. But they won’t. Always their doubt remains as a question.

I am a person who doesn't want to be a follower. I don’t want to carry out or hold any information without a rationale or a naked truth. Let me give two examples which I had experienced recently. 1.     1. Temple Visit
A couple of months ba…



For 10 days I opened my blog and sat there for hours thinking what to write. I always believe that "What you are seeking is always seeking you".Yes!! What I was seeking came to me as a phone call.
A friend of mine called me to wish New year. As he was busy with his job and projects, he was not able to reach on Jan 1st. He told me "I was out of station for a couple of weeks, that's why I was not able to call you or text you. I went to the USA for presenting my dream project. Yes dude, finally my dream has become a reality. They accepted it". 
Every time before ending the call he says  "Thank youAgainmy dear friend".
Let’s say my friend's name is Mr.A ( not willing to reveal his real name) he is my childhood friend, but after schooling, we seldom contacted each other. We both chose different courses and moved to different places.
May 10th 2015 was my sister's marriage. I invited him along with all my friends. As he had to travel a long distance h…


Perseverance: - "Persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success".                           Source: - Google

Since yesterday morning my internet connection seemed slow, I restarted the modem, again and again, but still, it was slow as a snail. I called the service provider a couple of times but as usual received no response. Then I decided to visit their office which is a couple of kilometers from my home. I went to the kitchen to tell my mother that I was going to the BSNL office. My kid cousin Anirudh was sitting on the kitchen slab playing a video game.
 After seeing my mother I went to the office. The officer in charge heard my complaint, checked and told me there was no problem with the connection. She said maybe the modem may not be functioning well and asked me to bring the modem so that she can check. I went back home after almost an hour at the office.

When I reached home I found my cousin playing the video game at the same place. He…


Hi, When I woke up today morning, I was thinking a subject to write. After a while, my mother came and asked me to go to the market and buy some fish. I thought ok!!, it's been so long I had visited the market. let's see the changes happened in the market over these days. My mother told me there is a pink colored plastic carry bag in the storeroom, take it when you leave. I moved to the store room, took the pink bag and moved. Because tomorrow is Christmas, the street seems empty. normally 11:00 AM will be one of the busiest time in a day here because it's the time market get's open.

On the way to market, I found various people whom I have met long back, a couple of middle-aged people, some aunties, children's, etc.I faced some cliche questions to a 23-year-old jobless boy, like, have you completed your course?, what is your future plan?, why not government job etc..etc.. somehow I managed to answer those questions. finally, I reached the market. even though the stre…